Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Beautiful Posey Vase

Another great piece of my collection..first let me tell you, I collect some Fenton Art Glass, the older glass before it was marked..and my favorite is the Peach Crest.
One day while looking around Ebay, I found this little gem. I bid thinking it was a toothpick holder. My collection of toothpick holders runs to over 300 now and I am always on the lookout for ones I dont have and any interesting ones. This one had the colors of my favorite peach crest, but the crest was a bit different. This one was like several brides basket bowls I have with an amber crest.
I started looking for similar ones to this and never really found one, so I put this out there to some glass friends of mine and here is what I found out.........
This id came from Dave Peterson..Mr Vaseline Glass himself and author of the go to book on Vaseline glass...Vaseline Glass: Canary to Contemporary
This is early bohemian glass, possibly Loetz. This little posey vase is approx 3 inches high .
Now anyone who studies glass knows Loetz is one of the very early glass companies from what was then called Bohemia and includes the Czech Republic.They were very well known for their glass that looks oily...kind of hard to describe..I will show you another of my early Loetz pieces...its also a vase.The first photo is a Loetz Astartig vase, the second is my little posey vase.
I hope you enjoy the little story about my pieces, how I acquired some of them and the photos of the pieces I have talked about!

Interview with Kat from katskloset

Due to technical difficulites my Monday interview will be posted later.
Tuesdays interview is with Kat of Kat's Kloset
Kat is another of my friends on the OSB group.Kat was kind enough to answer my questions and since we had a back up of one of our members, there will be 2 interviews with Kat today. Both are somewhat different since we both asked some different questions.
The point of these interviews are go get the word out about each others business, plus give the search engines some food.
If you would like to comment and maybe even ask your own questions, I am sure they will get answered!
Thank you Kat for taking the time to answer mine!
1. What is your ebay user name and your store name/link
My ebay user name is katskloset and my link is
2.How did you come up with that name?
I'm in love with Alliteration, LOL I just wish i'd picked something easier for folks to spell!(personally Kat, I love the spelling)
3. How long have you been selling and what venues do you sell on?
I've been selling SOMETHING since I was 9 years old in private school, LOL I am currently listing inventory on: My own website www.katskloset.com, eBay, Amazon, bonanzle, iOffer, Atomic Mall, Shop It, a Vendio 'platform' store, a Mail Car store and I hope that's it!
4. What made you start selling online?
to be able to make some $$ but still stay at home with my children and home educate
5. Since my question and Marshell's were about the same, I wont double post the answer..but
Instead, I will add, Kat has been very helpful to me as a seller. We bounce ideas off of each other and the same with other members of this wonderful group.We are a select bunch and have become like a family. Always helpful, always full of different ideas..and we connect on a personal level as well as a professional one!
I do hope you have enjoyed my interview with Kat, and check out the other blogs from our little group and follow along. Ask questions if you would like, you never know...you just might learn something interesting along the way!!
Y'all have a great day and stay tuned for my next interview on Wednesday with Trish

Friday, March 20, 2009

Exciting News!

Starting next week..I will start interviewing members of my online business sucess group.
We will find out what makes each of them unique and interesting!
We are calling this the Virtual DSR Blog Tour!!
Stay tuned!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Ebay Store( DarGlassandMore)

My Degenhart Glass Story

From the time I was very young, I went to auctions with my grandparents. They started passing along their knowledge and love of glass down to me at an early age. They were very special people and knew alot of folks in the glass industry..both experts, researchers and collectors.
They started taking twice yearly trips down to southern Ohio. During those trips, which were made during my spring break and in the summer so I could go they visited the Fenton Art Glass Company and the Degenhart 's Crystal Art Glass Factory. That was the formal name for the company but I always have called it Degenhart Glass and I guess I always will.
My gramma was a firm believer in glass, and Degenhart was fairly unknown for along time. She always bought 3 pieces of each item. Why 3? Because she had 3 grand daughters...me, and my 2 younger sisters.While most kids got money or treats for their good grades, we got glass!
Oh yes...
and since I loved glass, I worked as hard as I could to earn it.
You would have had to know gramma..she put little notes in a lot of her glass...some I still have,like a power jar with a poodle on top has my name and the year she gave it to me still in it..LOL, I am a packrat..or so my family tells me.
Well back to my story! During all those trips, and dont get me wrong....I loved watching Fenton Glass being made during factory tours and have several collections of particular types of Fenton. I loved my trips to see Mrs Degenhart most! She was a wonderful lady, very warm...alot like my gramma. She sat in her store, which was like a barn to me, in a rocking chair and collected her money in a cigar box...tables and shelves everywhere..all loaded with glass..
No kidding...I think I have a picture of her in one of my books showing how cluttered her shop was.If she had it, it was in that shop..somewhere..and she knew just where to find it. She made sure my gramma picked out special colors. Some new, some just made..some named for folks we knew, like Jabe Tarter.He was a regular contributor to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon Journal newspapers. He was much like the Kovel's ..he liked writing about antiques and was considered quite an expert.
She would talk to me about the glass, showing me special pieces too...I asked a ton of questions, and she probably wished at times I would just shut up..but she was very patient in her answers. When I got done with the questions and getting a bit ready to get some fresh air while gramma shopped. I would go out into the back and pick up coffee cans of glass shards, cullet etc that was dumped out when the glass batches were done...I have several baggies of it..recently I separated it into colors...
Most visits to her factory took all day....and are one of my most treasured memories!