Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interview with Kat from katskloset

Due to technical difficulites my Monday interview will be posted later.
Tuesdays interview is with Kat of Kat's Kloset
Kat is another of my friends on the OSB group.Kat was kind enough to answer my questions and since we had a back up of one of our members, there will be 2 interviews with Kat today. Both are somewhat different since we both asked some different questions.
The point of these interviews are go get the word out about each others business, plus give the search engines some food.
If you would like to comment and maybe even ask your own questions, I am sure they will get answered!
Thank you Kat for taking the time to answer mine!
1. What is your ebay user name and your store name/link
My ebay user name is katskloset and my link is
2.How did you come up with that name?
I'm in love with Alliteration, LOL I just wish i'd picked something easier for folks to spell!(personally Kat, I love the spelling)
3. How long have you been selling and what venues do you sell on?
I've been selling SOMETHING since I was 9 years old in private school, LOL I am currently listing inventory on: My own website www.katskloset.com, eBay, Amazon, bonanzle, iOffer, Atomic Mall, Shop It, a Vendio 'platform' store, a Mail Car store and I hope that's it!
4. What made you start selling online?
to be able to make some $$ but still stay at home with my children and home educate
5. Since my question and Marshell's were about the same, I wont double post the answer..but
Instead, I will add, Kat has been very helpful to me as a seller. We bounce ideas off of each other and the same with other members of this wonderful group.We are a select bunch and have become like a family. Always helpful, always full of different ideas..and we connect on a personal level as well as a professional one!
I do hope you have enjoyed my interview with Kat, and check out the other blogs from our little group and follow along. Ask questions if you would like, you never know...you just might learn something interesting along the way!!
Y'all have a great day and stay tuned for my next interview on Wednesday with Trish

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