Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Beautiful Posey Vase

Another great piece of my collection..first let me tell you, I collect some Fenton Art Glass, the older glass before it was marked..and my favorite is the Peach Crest.
One day while looking around Ebay, I found this little gem. I bid thinking it was a toothpick holder. My collection of toothpick holders runs to over 300 now and I am always on the lookout for ones I dont have and any interesting ones. This one had the colors of my favorite peach crest, but the crest was a bit different. This one was like several brides basket bowls I have with an amber crest.
I started looking for similar ones to this and never really found one, so I put this out there to some glass friends of mine and here is what I found out.........
This id came from Dave Peterson..Mr Vaseline Glass himself and author of the go to book on Vaseline glass...Vaseline Glass: Canary to Contemporary
This is early bohemian glass, possibly Loetz. This little posey vase is approx 3 inches high .
Now anyone who studies glass knows Loetz is one of the very early glass companies from what was then called Bohemia and includes the Czech Republic.They were very well known for their glass that looks oily...kind of hard to describe..I will show you another of my early Loetz pieces...its also a vase.The first photo is a Loetz Astartig vase, the second is my little posey vase.
I hope you enjoy the little story about my pieces, how I acquired some of them and the photos of the pieces I have talked about!

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