Monday, June 1, 2009

Fenton Aqua Crest Collection..All for sale

This is another awesome piece. A few of my photos show how I had it displayed.
This is a 3 tier tid bit stand made by Fenton Art Glass in Aqua Crest. All the hardware is original to the stand. The top has a question mark shaped top.
The only damage that might be on this piece is teeny flakes where the hardware attaches thru the plates.
The bottom plate measures 11 inches, the middle plate is 8 inches and the top plate is 6 inches. Total height of this stand is approx 15 inches including the handle.
My research shows it was made between 1948 and 1953.
It is stunning!!

This is a Fenton Aqua Crest Bon Bon/Candy Dish. It has a double crimp but is folded up on 2 sides similar to the JIP shape( JIP meaning Jack in Pulpit)This bon bon measures at 2 inches tall and has a diameter of 6 inches.This line was made in the 1940's and not marked on the bottom like new Fenton is.
This is a Fenton Aqua Crest Double Crimp BonBon Dish. It measures approx 6 inches in diameter and is approx 2 1/4 inches tall. This little dish is very can use it for candy or I had it displayed on a silver stand. I will be listing the stand also.
The aqua crest line was made during the 1940's and is one of their nicer lines.

This is a large Aqua Crest Vase made by the Fenton Art Glass Company during the 1940's. Before Fenton started marking their awesome glass.
This vase measures approx 8 inches tall, the top diameter is approx 5 inches.
The crest is a deep aqua color and the outside is a milk glass. One of Fenton's best lines!!

This is a very stunning piece in person. It is a small epergne made by Fenton in Aqua Crest.
There is no damage to the piece.
It measures approx 7 inches tall overall, bowl diameter is approx 7 1/4 inches and is 4 1/4 inches tall.. The horn diameter is approx 4 inches and is 5 1/2 inches tall.
It has a metal base and metal horn insert piece.
You dont find many of these for sale.
This is another awesome piece from my personal collection. This is a Fenton Aqua Crest Large Hat Vase. From my research this piece was only made for 2 years 1941-1942.
The aqua coloring on the crest of this piece is a rich deep color. The vase has no damage
It measures approx 5 inches tall and has a top diameter of approx 5 1/2 inches. It has a crimped and ruffled top edge.

This is a Fenton Aqua Crest JIP Vase. It is approx 4 inches tall, and has a top dia of approx 4 1/4.Milk glass outer and an aqua of the many stunning crests Fenton has done. This came out in the 1940's before Fenton marked their glass on the bottom.

Fenton Aqua Crest Double Crimp Ruffled Rose Bowl. This is another awesome piece of glass. Nobody did Crests like Fenton did. This is another piece from my personal collection. I have to down size so I have room for my other many collections. My downsizing is your good luck!!
This rose bowl is approx 4 1/2 inches tall and has a top diameter of approx 4 1/2 inches.
I dont exactly know what they call this vase. It has a JIP top but its on 2 sides. So, I am calling it a double fold top edge vase. It is approx 4 1/2 inches tall and has a top diameter of approx 4 1/2 inches. It has no damage.
The Aqua Crest by Fenton Art Glass Company was made during the 1940's. It was before Fenton marked the bottom of their glass.
I am thinning out my personal collection of Fenton Art Glass to make room for my other extensive collections so this is your lucky day.

Today I am listing my Aqua Crest Collection. This was in production during the 1940's and are early unmarked Fenton.
This piece is a 6 inch vase with a double crimped, approx 6 inch diameter edge. The aqua coloring is amazing.
Fenton Aqua Crest is a favorite line, but the making of the glass is very important also.
It took great craftsmen to make. As you can see in some of my pieces, there are different styles of top edging. The crimp is on all of them, and then the glass craftsmen did something extra to several of these pieces. Notice how there is a large ruffle also? Well, they had to put this back into the furnace and use their wooden tools to hand shape the extra ruffles also.They are called double crimps.
Can you believe that the tops of these pieces( edges) were done by hand? Now that takes great talent!!!


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  2. Thanks Shell
    instead of replacing the keyboard, you could always buy a piece to look at and drool over anytime..LOL

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