Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fenton Peach Crest

During the 1940's along with Fenton's aqua crest line, they produced peach crest. This was a milk glass outside with a peach pink color interior and a clear crest along the edge.
They made many pieces and styles in the peach crest line. It is one of my favorite collections.
Fenton also made a peach blo line not to be confused with the peach crest. This line had the peach interior but had a hobnail pattern on the milk glass outer and no crest on the edge.
Both are beautiful lines but I favor the peach crest.
Shown in the photograph is part of my own collection.
I am selling my aqua crest collection to add to my peach crest collection. My addiction to glass will only allow room for so much , so I must part with some...Check my ebay store for pieces of aqua crest I have for sale.


  1. God these pieces are Gorgeous ! I so envy you Dar for having these in your house.. Great Blog too BTW


  2. Your styles are gorgeous.

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